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  • Track your body weight, body fat percentage, and progress towards your weight goal. UA Scale has the power to recognize up to 8 users. Step on it EVERYDAY.
  • Set your weight goal and track your progress
  • Auto-recognition for up to 8 users with ability manually select user
  • WiFi-enabled and syncs data to UA Record™

Your Body’s Dashboard

UA Record™ is your 24/7 view of all your activity & progress. Stay on top of your weight goals by seamlessly syncing with UA Scale.

Plus connect to MyFitnessPal to auto-sync your data & see how your nutrition & progress are working together.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Even Faster

Get personalized meal & training plans, deeper analytics and an ad-free experience, so you can get the insight you need to get better every day.

Seemless Syncing

UA Record™ easily shares your data from UA Scale with your other apps in 3 simple taps:

  1. Tap “UA Sync” in top right screen
  2. Tap the app under list of Apps & Devices
  3. Tap “Connect Your Accounts” and approve connection









1 year

Replaceable Battery


Screen Display

LCD – Monochrome


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